Ouriginal, Our Story: 1+1=3

In nature, merged elements are the foundation of life. It’s why we have water, fire and everything in between. 

Over the last decade, both Urkund and PlagScan established brands that use cutting-edge technology to provide trustworthy and reliable plagiarism prevention systems. Software that is appreciated by thousands of instructors and universities world-wide.

But we were ready for the next step. We wanted to aim higher, develop faster yet remain excellent in an ever-changing world. And do you know what is better than one test-winning software? Two.

So, when Urkund and PlagScan decided to join forces, it truly felt like finding the oxygen to our hydrogen (or vice versa, you pick). We knew that combining our strengths would be a process not done overnight, but we also knew the results would allow us to reach our goals: to offer our customers bolder solutions and a broader offering, delivered faster. 

Ouriginal was born.

Becoming one

During the process, we understood that we all share the same mission which is to provide innovative software to institutions to contribute to a fairer learning environment. Through our software, we want to support academic integrity at all education levels, foster original thinking and enable institutions to provide a continuously high level of education, no matter the external factors. 

But not just our missions were aligned, we even started out with a similar realisation that turned into frustration: Being a teacher and having to search manually for potential plagiarism in student assignments. 

What exactly is Ouriginal?

Ouriginal is a software for anyone that wants to combine a text-matching system with author metrics for the ultimate originality check. You can seamlessly integrate it into your current workflow, whether you use it through a learning management system (LMS) or as a stand-alone product. Ouriginal was born out of the fact that Urkund and PlagScan decided to join forces and create a product that combines both our strengths, where we rely on three combined decades of experiences and expertise. As a customer this means you’ll simply get the best of both, in one solution. 

Why do I need it?

At Ouriginal, we strive to provide an environment in which fairness sparks personal development and enables people to strengthen their original voice. We pride ourselves to be innovative, fair and excellent in what we do. Whether you are a corporation, a university, a school or a publisher, if you have written texts that need to be checked for authenticity and originality, Ouriginal is for you. By combining the strengths from two test-winning companies, Urkund and PlagScan, you as a customer will get the best of both worlds.

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Our Mission

Providing a fair environment that allows you to unlock your full potential.

Our Core

At Ouriginal, we want to educate the world non-intrusively but inclusively.
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