Case Study: Delaware Technical Community College

Urkund’s Plagiarism Prevention Software Promotes Student Originality at Delaware Technical Community College
  • How and why did Delaware Technical Community College switch to Urkund?
  • What were the challenges and the criteria for selecting a new solution?
  • How was the implementation?
  • How well could Urkund be integrated to the new LMS being implemented?
  • What have the results been so far?

What is this case study about?

For fifteen years, Delaware Technical Community College relied on one of the world’s largest educational technology companies to provide its learning management system (LMS). For plagiarism checking and prevention, faculty used a tool embedded within the LMS. But that plagiarism prevention tool wasn’t very stable and often went down when the system was busy.

When the cost of the LMS started creeping up, while support and service went down, Delaware Tech knew it was time to replace its LMS provider, and ultimately its associated plagiarism prevention tool.

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