Switching to Urkund

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The URKUND process starts when a student submits a document to the system. This can either be via the schools’ existing learning platform or as simple as sending it to us via email. The system supports a wide variety of the most popular file formats and your standard word processors as well as archives when emailed. Language independently the text is extracted from the document and the processing begins.

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The text is analysed and we begin to check for possible candidates for text similarity across our three source areas. URKUND singles out potential matching sources from our archives containing sources from the wider Internet, academically published material, and previously submitted student documents. Candidates for text similarity are studied in depth for similarities and any results are saved.

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When a document starts to display similarities to other sources a matching profile begins to take shape. We not only record the degree of the matches but take into account any usages of paraphrasing and synonyms while checking for any other form of substitution.

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When the process is finished, an analysis overview is generated and delivered to the teacher, either via the used learning platform or by email. The results of the analysis are presented in a comprehensible report so that the teacher can make the final judgement based on our analysis if any plagiarism has indeed occurred.

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